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PSC Rallye School Algarve

The PSC Rallye School Algarve has Rallye and Offroad courses with professional instructors taught on some of the best stages in the world, equivalent to the stages used in the WRC Rally of Portugal.
We also have a private property of 50 acres with 10 possible layouts and two separate circuits for courses and testing.

What we have:

Rally and Offroad courses with professional instructors and drivers in the best stages of the world.
Driving and Co-driving courses for Rally and Offroad, both in gravel and asphalt stages.
Courses tailored for all levels of experience, both in Rally and Offroad.
A private property with 50 acres and 10 possible stages configurations and a circuit for driving and co-driving courses.

What we teach:

1 – Driving Course

Driving in different terrain (Asphalt and Gravel)
Approach and anticipation to each pace note
Powersliding with 2WD and 4WD cars
Left foot braking
How to use the Handbrake
Car weight transfer
How to use the gearbox

2 – Navigation/Co-Driving

History of the pace notes in Rally
Explanation of general rally regulations
How to take notes, communicate them to the driver, reading the terrain and obstacles
Preparation and anticipation of pacenotes
Reading the Road Book
Using the control document
Preparation to the events
Reading the specific event regulations


Portuguese driving instructors
Portuguese Co-driving instructors

(official driving instructor)

Ricardo Teodósio

One of the best Portuguese rally drivers with an extensive history 

Ricardo Teodósio 


(official Co-driving instructor)

Paulo Costa / Artur Cruz / José Martins / Pedro Conde





Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI (4WD)  – Driving

Opel Corsa B 1.6 GSi 16v (2WD)  – Driving / Co-Driving



Room Course Driving/Co-Driving


Open from January to December on weekends
Individual Courses: Groups from 3 to 6 persons
Corporate Courses: Groups from 6 to 12 persons

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